Morrissey Hospitality Companies

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Project Overview

Growing An Iconic Brand with Targeted Ads

We were engaged by Morrissey Hospitality Companies (MHC), the upper Midwest’s leading hospitality management and development company, to create a branded and unique ad campaign that connects the core brands of the St. Paul Hotel, St. Paul Grill, M St. Cafe, The Wedding Market (L’Etoille) and Pazzaluna while maintaining and strengthening the focus of the niche value of each of these in the marketplace. Creative, memorable and boundary-pushing copy was utilized to reinforce the unique character and strengths of each establishment.

The Saint Paul Hotel


The focus of this campaign was to show that The Saint Paul Hotel can do classic and trendy, gay and straight, traditional and non-traditional, and everything in-between. Showcasing L’etoile as the best way to start your important day will also influence the venue choice of future brides. Our objective was to cement the hotel’s position as the indisputable choice for celebrating the most important day in your life.

Leisure and business:

This ad campaign elevated awareness that The Saint Paul Hotel offers an experience that cannot be matched anywhere in St. Paul, or even the whole of Minnesota. We made it clear that this is the place to stay when traveling in or around St. Paul – period.

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The St. Paul Grill

Our objective with this ad campaign was to solidify The St. Paul Grill as the premier choice for dining in St. Paul. We drove home the point that every event worth celebrating in St. Paul should be celebrated at The Grill.

M St. Cafe

Building awareness amongst downtown businesses and residents as well as potential patrons living in the surrounding suburbs was the main goal of this campaign. Making sure that these desired audiences understand the value, convenience, service level and overall experience that M ST offers is paramount to developing and maintaining high levels of regular and repeat business.


Our goal was to maintain Pazzaluna’s long-standing allure and relevance in the eyes of the following: the younger demographic that have moved into downtown Saint Paul, first-timers that have yet to experience the brand, current loyal diners, the corporate crowd and theatre/sports/event attendees. We showed why Pazzaluna continues to be the perfect place to celebrate special occasions or enjoy a happening happy hour.

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