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Defining the Epicenter of Healthcare Innovation

Mercury amplifies vision of attracting companies passionate about delivering the future of healthcare together

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Project Overview

Destination Medical Center, a 20-year, $5.6 billion public-private economic initiative, is positioning Rochester, Minnesota, as a global center for the future of medical treatment and care. It is comprised of 6 sub-districts within downtown Rochester, each with a unique focus and personality. The Discovery Square District, adjacent to Mayo Clinic, is home to Mortenson’s One and Two Discovery Square and is the hub for innovation and development of emerging and yet-undiscovered life science applications. As Mortenson constructed Two Discovery Square, it sought help from Mercury Creative Group to market the expanding life science campus. The general contractor envisions its campus in the Discovery Square District as the epicenter of healthcare innovation nationally. Mercury’s responsibility was to build energy around that vision and create a fear of missing out among prospective tenants.

Client Goals

  • Generate interest among prospective tenants: companies and organizations passionate about delivering the future of healthcare together
  • Position the Discovery Square Campus as the epicenter for healthcare innovation in the U.S.
  • Create energy around, and interest in, the community of tenants at One and Two Discovery Square
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Project Focus

Discovery brings clarity to audience, messaging and desired UX

Mercury facilitated discovery sessions with the Mortenson team to crystallize the audience definition and key messaging as well as identify the desired user experience for a new website. Because Mortenson hoped to stir emotion and convey a sense of community among tenants, Mercury recommended video be a key component of the new site.

Video-centric strategy builds excitement for vision

While the wireframes for the new website were in development, Mercury’s video team got to work. In a one-day shoot, we captured b-roll; interviews with tenants, representatives of Mayo Clinic, Destination Medical Center, Mortenson, and Rochester Mayor Kim Norton; and the excitement of the Two Discovery Square topping off ceremony. We quickly finished post-production on the topping off ceremony video for Mortenson to use it to build pride among its employees nationally and to create awareness and anticipation for Two Discovery Square through the news media and industry associations.

A workhorse of a website

The new website is a workhorse for Mortenson. It serves as the primary marketing vehicle to promote One and Two Discovery Square with prospective tenants. It addresses prospective tenants’ questions with information on the buildings, Rochester and the access to Mayo Clinic core services. It provides easy access to floor plans, news and leasing information. Video vignettes and tenant profiles convey the culture of innovation that exists within the One and Two Discovery Square ecosystem and Rochester more broadly. 

The website is also the digital front door to One and Two Discovery Square to the Rochester community and existing tenants. Ongoing, professionally programmed events promoted through the website position the campus as the happening place to be. The website also serves as the information hub for tenants and is the gateway to the tenant portal.

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