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Spread Your Wings

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Discover + Define + Plan

We begin each rebrand project with strategy first. Our brand strategists and project directors will guide you through discovery and insights gathering that will uncover the true essence of your brand.

Once you decide that a re-brand is right for your organization and Mercury Creative Group is the right partner, the next things you are likely wondering are:

What do we get? How much will this cost? How long will it take?

Here is a breakdown of the deliverables you will receive with this phase of The Mercury Method™ and considerations for your investment of time and money.

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Discovery Sessions

Mercury facilitates weekly discovery sessions to gather project goals plus current perceptions of your brand in the marketplace from leadership and team members.

Insights Gathering

Insights gathering allows us to analyze brand perceptions from the people that use your products or services. We’ll ask the questions you most want to know the answers to and provide a report that will help inform brand and marketing priorities and opportunities.

Writing + Auditing

Mercury will build and complete all content writing for your Brand Guide. Plus we’ll conduct an audit of your current brand elements and touchpoints.

Delivery Presentations

The final presentations will include a walk-through of your complete brand guide and design recommendations for the next phase of work.

Delivery Presentations

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Starting at $22,000*


8-10 Weeks
Justin Bieganek
Have you ever rebranded before? Do you know if you have a brand problem? Do you need help gaining buy-in from your leadership or your board members? Let’s talk about your brand, your team and your messaging. Let’s start a conversation – no pressure.

Spread Your Wings is the first phase of the Mercury Method™. This phase will help you discover your brand strategy and build your brand guide. Go back to view the full Mercury Method™ or move to Take Flight to see what’s next.

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