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Cordis Financial


New brand invites you to engage your core.

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Project Overview

The Paul Leighton Group was a thriving financial services firm with a focus on Financial Life Planning (FLP). After expanding the practice to welcome a new partner, they decided this next chapter in the evolution of the company called for a new name and a fresh brand. That’s where Mercury Creative Group (MCG) came in. Before we could propose a name or begin to build a new brand identity that would appeal to their target audience, we needed to understand the practice that guides their business – FLP. We dove into learning everything we could about FLP and proposed a multitude of names that reflected it. We narrowed it down and the client ultimately selected Cordis Financial. Cordis is Latin for core, which is defined as the central or most important part of something. Core values play a key role in the FLP process, making it an ideal name choice. In addition to the role that core values play in the FLP process, the planning in FLP cannot be overlooked. After the naming process, MCG developed a tagline that speaks to both the value-driven focus and the planning component – Planning with Purpose. After name selection and tagline creation, we created a new look and feel for their brand that was applied to all communication collateral – digital and paper letterhead, note cards, business cards and a completely new website.


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