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Electrical Association

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Committed and connected association leads the charge in continuing to provide quality resources to their members.

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Project Overview

The Electrical Association, formerly Minnesota Electrical Association, has proudly supported electrical contractors for over 90 years. As times have changed, so have the products and services they extend to their members. To continue evolving, they realized it was time to reconnect to their brand and create a fresh and relevant identity that better reflects their dynamic, energized, and connected association.

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Project Focus

Making the Connections

With our guidance, their leadership and staff engaged in several strategic working sessions to dive deep into their association. Everything from their name, to their offerings, to how, what, and when they communicate with their members was examined. All to ensure that they stay current and continue to provide members the resources they need to be successful.

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Establishing an Essential Value

After analyzing the association as a whole, we were able to distill the essential value they bring to their members down to one memorable word  –  conduit. They serve as a conduit to information, education, connections and protection for their members.

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A Different Kind of Brand Launch

Originally planning to launch their brand during a large in-person conference, the Electrical Association had to get creative in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. We developed an online launch plan including an email series, a social media plan, a printed mailer and a fun video. When we suggested a video, Executive Director Clara got very excited and shared a few Tik-Tok videos that she loved. Her idea sparked a video that shares the excitement around the rebrand, features the association team and highlights some board members.

“So glad we have flipped the switch and we can now grow from here! Thank you all for the work you put into making us look good.”

— Clara Albert, CAE, Executive Director of the Electrical Association

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