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Mathiowetz Construction

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Nearing 100 years in business, a family-owned construction company navigates changes in leadership, ownership, and key messaging.

How Mercury helped a new generation of leaders communicate their essential value to grow their business AND their team.

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Project Overview

The Senior Director of Marketing at HealthFitness approached us wanting to refresh the design aspects of their brand to elevate their message and modernize their look and feel. As we do with all clients, we took a step back and began with strategy first. During our first discovery call with the team from HealthFitness and their parent company, Trustmark, we uncovered something important. They all knew their “why” and they all knew how they delivered amazing service to their clients, but when it came to describing what they did – everyone had a different answer. What? A large, successful company that doesn’t know what they do? Well, not exactly. It’s more accurate to say that each member of the team had a different way of describing what they did and the leaders each had a different product or service that they highlighted. We discovered that in addition to their need for a refreshed, identifiable and memorable brand they also needed messaging to unify their team, build trust and create a foundation for growth. Creating clarity and alignment would be key.

Client Goals

  • Communicate leadership and ownership changes to our team, our clients, and our community
  • Define how we do business and why it makes us different
  • Create a brand story that builds on our history and helps drive recruiting
  • Create brand elements, including a new website, that modernizes our look, tells our story, and brings our differentiator to life
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Project Focus

Communication with care.

Mercury was tasked first with gaining alignment among 3 strong leaders who are also family members. Next, we needed to equip them with key messages and a communication plan that gave them a unified voice. 

Moving into team leadership has been an intentional focus for Mathiowetz as they approach their 100 year anniversary. They realized that it is rare to continue a successful, family-owned business for 4 generations, and they wanted to be sure that every member of their team, their clients, their associates, and their entire community received communications about the leadership and ownership changes with the utmost care.

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Creating an “Ideal Team Member” – Meet Tyler

A big part of creating a customized brand guide for our clients is digging deep into defining their ideal client so key messaging, brand voice, and design can be directed toward that one person. For Mathiowetz Construction, it was also necessary to define their ideal team member.

Mathiowetz competes against the challenge of seasonal employment, a rural location, and union-based companies. This year, with the added layers of Covid-19 implications and key positions open due to retirements, the leadership team understood that recruiting had become more important than ever. They needed to focus on attracting the right people who align best with their culture.

Mercury’s approach to defining ideal audiences starts in discovery. It’s a mix of art and science. We asked the team to tell us about their favorite employees. We listened intently to capture the demographic information as well as the personality and values of their ideal team member. Then we applied demographic research and story telling to create an avatar. We knew we had the right “person” when we introduced the Mathiowetz group to “Tyler”. 

The human resources leader asked, “How did you know to name our avatar Tyler?” The whole group started to chuckle. They told us, “You hit the nail on the head. We have three Tylers currently on the team, you described them as if they were one person, and we’d be thrilled to hire that avatar.”

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