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Bassett Creek Dental

How a brand refresh jump-started a long-time client with new digital marketing messaging

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Project Overview

Bassett Creek Dental is one of Mercury’s pioneering clients. Throughout our partnership spanning 15+ years, we’ve executed a successful rebrand launch followed by ongoing marketing projects including a new user-friendly website, purposeful and consistent marketing collateral, and conversion-oriented digital marketing campaigns. In 2023, they asked us to conduct a Brand Discovery project focused on updated messaging that spoke to the ideal Bassett Creek Dental client.

Bassett Creek Dental

Client Goals

The leadership team at Bassett Creek Dental was interested in updating their digital marketing strategy and understood that to do so effectively, they would need to work on their brand. They asked the Mercury team to determine the differentiators that make their particular dentistry practice special, to develop key messaging around those strengths, and to support the ongoing implementation of their new digital marketing effort.

They wanted digital marketing tactics that would:

  • Retain their current customers
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase their revenue

Bassett Creek Dental was ready to amp up their modern marketing tactics and trusted Mercury Creative Group as the ongoing partner that could make an impact.

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Project Focus

The Mercury Method™ starts with discovery. We gathered insights through conversations with the dentists and then conducted an interactive workshop to collect perspectives from the hygienists. We layered in production meetings with the Mercury strategists, project managers, designers, digital marketing experts, and brand advisors. 

Bassett Creek Dental needed a better understanding of their primary audience – the ideal person who would champion their service, refer them to other prospective customers, and make dentistry decisions within their own households.

As we conducted conversations with stakeholders we discovered Bassett Creek Dental’s essential value is listening. We realized that the most impactful messaging going forward would center around this.

The Mercury Team developed an ideal client profile: a household decision-maker who lives near their office, influences her family members and her community, and is a trusted voice when it comes to health decisions and appearance. With this person in mind, key messaging emerged that spoke to what the ideal client needed most and how Bassett Creek Dental fulfilled her needs:

  • Your dental home.
  • We give you the time and attention you’re not always able to give yourself.
  • Purposefully committed to up-to-the-minute processes, technology, and procedures to support you and your family at every stage of life.
  • We’re here to listen. 

We also found that while these messages were not developed intentionally for staff recruitment, they do present a positive image of Bassett Creek Dental, which would engage potential employees as well.

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— Samira S. Mahabadi, Doctor of Dental Surgery of Bassett Creek Dental


Armed with key messaging and an ideal client, the Mercury team was ready to employ integrated digital marketing tactics. Social media content, SEO-optimized blog articles, and targeted paid ads were refined with the ideal client and key messaging discovered through the brand work and the results were significant! 

The 2023 Brand and Marketing report demonstrated a 250% return on investment for marketing efforts. This means every dollar spent on marketing brought in a $3 return in revenue. Qualified phone calls and appointments booked increased, and website traffic converting to these desired actions increased by 23%. Google Ad conversion rates performed better than the industry average. Year over Year the number of patients increased by 6% and revenue from that segment increased by 21%.

250% return on investment, 23% increase in website conversion, 6% increase in patients Year over Year, 21% increase in Year over Year patient revenue

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