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How to start a conversation with business about recycling.

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Project Overview

BizRecycling is a program of the Ramsey and Washington Counties Recycling and Energy Board created to increase commercial recycling and organics recovery rates. The program helps businesses to be more efficient by way of recycling and waste reduction, as well as to help their bottom line by saving money. BizRecycling is a targeted community investment in economic and environmental growth.

Mercury was brought in to solve the problem of how to start a conversation with businesses about recycling and waste reduction without overwhelming them with information. We needed to present the program to the target audience of business owners and managers by way of showcasing the benefits of implementing the program, to community and participants alike and presenting it in an accessible way.

Through discovery sessions with the client, we were able to identify key messages to convey in three short videos. Our results were these engaging and informative visual storytelling pieces that the client can now use to create awareness of their program and ultimately start the conversation with prospects.

"These are fantastic! We're so pleased with how these turned. Can't wait to share them with the world."

— Danielle Leismeister of BizRecycling

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