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Northwest Family Clinics

Northwest Family Clinics

How a long-term marketing partnership has been driving engagement + revenue for more than 15 years.

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Project Overview

Northwest Family Clinics originally engaged Mercury Creative Group over 20 years ago for a comprehensive rebranding and website refresh project. That original project set the foundation for a long-term strategic marketing partnership that has helped Northwest Family Clinics leverage the most optimal marketing channels and content to drive patient engagement and increase revenue year after year.

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Client Goals

Northwest Family Clinics aimed to establish itself as a leading authority in health and wellness, becoming the go-to resource for wellness inquiries and information needs. Additionally, they wanted to maintain full schedules for their doctors, catering to both new and existing patients with particular emphasis on attracting new OB/GYN patients. Retention efforts by promoting additional services that patients may not be aware of were also integral to their overall goal of fostering lifelong relationships with their patients.

Northwest Family Clinics wanted to:

  • Elevate brand authority and drive traffic to their website
  • Increase conversions for new patients scheduling appointments
  • Improve local visibility of their urgent care centers
Northwest Family Clinics Website

Project Focus

Following the rebranding project and website refresh, Northwest Family Clinics identified a need for a more robust omnichannel approach to marketing to attract more patients, create lifelong relationships with existing patients, and establish themselves as a leading health and wellness resource. This strategy included content marketing, digital marketing campaigns, and traditional marketing tactics.

Content Marketing: the Mercury team strategized and created email campaigns from the ground up supported by monthly blog posts that share relevant, timely, and in-depth topics related to health and wellness. 

NFC Email and Blogs

Paid Ads: Paid ads were created and optimized for their primary audience, increasing website traffic dramatically. Conversions of new patients booking appointments increased quickly. In fact, across all paid and organic marketing, there were more than 26,000 clicks to book an appointment in 2023! That was an increase of 10% year over year.

Local SEO: Building out unique pages for the two Northwest Family Clinic urgent care centers has strengthened local search by ensuring Google results are accurate. Last year, there were more than 8,000 clicks on the Northwest Family Clinics’ Google business pages.

In-house Marketing Deck: Marketing Decks are displayed in the lobby of each of the three Northwest Family Clinic locations. An engaging and informative in-house marketing deck attracts attention and lots of compliments from visitors. The well-received decks feature general and seasonal topics that provide an opportunity to engage clients to deepen loyalty and provide upselling opportunities.

NFC Digital Marketing Deck Fall 2023 3 Page 03
NFC Digital Marketing Deck Fall 2023 3 Page 21

"As a group of very busy physicians we relied heavily on Mercury's expertise to help us grow our practice and have seen the results from their creative and strategic marketing efforts. Their attentiveness and proactive approach made us feel like their only client. The results speak for themselves: increased new patients and increased credibility as an authority in the field of healthcare. We are busier than ever thanks to them!"

— Jennifer Purifoy, DO, MPH at Northwest Family Clinics


The collaborative efforts between Northwest Family Clinics and Mercury on the rebranding project and website refresh laid the groundwork for a comprehensive marketing strategy. The Northwest Family Clinics team achieved its goal of being an online authority in the space of health and wellness, showing up consistently high in rankings of organic search on thousands of terms. Through diligent content marketing initiatives, including email campaigns and informative blog posts, Northwest Family Clinics has established itself as a reputable authority in health and wellness. Organic visits to their blog content were 31% higher year over year and they continue to see elevated results.

Paid advertising has further amplified their online presence, resulting in a substantial uptick in website visits and appointment bookings. The integration of an in-house marketing deck has not only garnered positive attention but also contributed to client retention and upselling opportunities. The focus on local SEO optimization has enhanced visibility and accuracy in search results, driving meaningful engagement with the community. Together, these efforts underscore the successful synergy, paving the way for continued growth and success for Northwest Family Clinics.

NFC Stats for 2024: 31% increase in website visits from organic search, 50% increase in website referral views, 14% increase in Google ad clicks,389% increase in appointment, bookings from Google Ads
NFC Stats for 2024: 31% increase in website visits from organic search, 50% increase in website referral views, 14% increase in Google ad clicks,389% increase in appointment, bookings from Google Ads

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