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BankIn Minnesota

BankIn Minnesota

How a comprehensive rebrand led to a new name + a powerful call to action.

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Project Overview

As the community banking industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, The Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota (ICBM) felt it was important to evolve too. The board members and leadership team for the association created a strategic plan initiative to expand their advocacy work to include consumer awareness around the true value that community banks bring to Minnesota communities. The comprehensive rebrand gave the organization clear brand messaging to align community bankers and associate members throughout Minnesota with a strong and unified voice.

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BankIn Logo
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Client Goals​

  • Clear up market confusion on who the association is, what they do, and who they do it for
  • Elevate their unique message and modernize their look
  • Rally the team around the association’s purpose and value
  • Drive business to Minnesota’s independent community banks through consumer awareness
  • Increase member engagement
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Project Focus

Mercury guided the team through our Mercury Method™, where it quickly became apparent that the association’s name was due for an update to better represent who they are. 

The first phase of The Mercury Method starts with discovery. We spent time with the ICBM leadership team and rebrand committee to gather the history and current state of the organization, as well as its strategy for growth. Next, we applied our methodology for insights gathering to gain thoughts and feedback from current members, past members, non-members, and industry partners. The clarity we gained in this phase of work informed our recommendation for a new name. 

BankIn Minnesota is more than a name, it is a call to action. It creates a new foundation of positivity to attract new members and create more engaged members. Plus, it has the added benefit of providing a launching pad for building consumer knowledge across the state of Minnesota, to help members grow their businesses.

“Thanks to you all for your guidance and hard work throughout the process. Also, thank you for your encouragement to embrace being uncomfortable and being bold. You gave us the tools to feel confident in the recommendation to the board.”

— Nicki Wareham, Vice President / Director of Member Information & Communication Systems of BankIn Minnesota


With board approval, Mercury helped the association build its brand identity and a robust brand launch plan. Our work came to a culmination at the association’s annual convention, which coincided with celebrating its 60th anniversary. There, ICBM officially announced its new name – BankIn Minnesota – with outstanding results.  

  • Increased attendance at the association’s convention
  • Member excitement and social media engagement with the brand in ways they’ve never done before
  • Confidence in their position to grow the community banking industry

Ongoing Marketing Partnership

A year later the Mercury team had the pleasure to attend the annual convention again and the BankIn Minnesota brand continues to shine as the association rolls out consumer awareness communications. 

Mercury continues to support BankIn Minnesota with our ongoing marketing partnership. We’re creating communication strategies and design elements that continue to bring the brand to life. This partnership empowers the BankIn Minnesota team to advocate for its members across the state and provides tools and resources that members can use to elevate their banks and the communities they serve.

BankIn New Member Brochure
Bankin Convention 2023 Program

“The response has been very positive. I feel happiness and excitement every time I see [the new name]. It is a name and brand I can represent with pride.”

— Jim Amundson, President & CEO of BankIn Minnesota ​

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