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Leadership Saint Paul


A brand built for future leaders.

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Project Overview

Leadership Saint Paul (LSP) is one of the best kept secrets of the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce (SPACC). Despite being the premier leadership program for current and emerging leaders in the Twin Cities, LSP lacked the right communication vehicles to promote their impactful curriculum. Together with fellow LSP alumni from Goff Public, we set out to develop a new brand identity including a logo, marketing communications and an engaging video that would help the program share the secret greatness of LSP with more aspiring leaders. The resultant brand is inclusive and celebrates the program and its successes. The new logo incorporates bold colors and circles. The circles are all different colors but come together to form the center circle which is the color of the SPACC logo. The center color is a nod to SPAAC being at the core of this program that connects diverse individuals with each other as well as to civic, business and social issues in the East Metro. The circles represent the desired diversity of LSP participants – in color, expertise, age and experience. They also refer to the connection, interaction, access and engagement that are central to the LSP experience. Next, we applied the new design to marketing collateral including a brochure that outlines the program and introduces their “Leading with Purpose” philosophy.


See “Leading With Purpose” in Action

Leadership Saint Paul (LSP) is the premier program in the Twin Cities for emerging and current civic and business leaders and is presented by the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce (SPACC). LSP needed its own brand logo and identity that would set them apart from the SPACC, yet fit within the brand family. In addition to establishing their own identity, one of LSP’s goals was to develop communication pieces that would attract a more diverse pool of applicants for their program.

To further enhance its efforts to attract diverse applicants for its unique and impactful leadership program, Leadership St. Paul (LSP) also engaged with us to create a video for online and presentation use. We delivered an engaging piece that introduces their 10-month program and encourages viewers to experience LSP for themselves.

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