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Building a brand where brokers (want to) do business.

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Project Overview

Minnesota Commercial Association of Real Estate/Realtors® (MNCAR) brand identity was sorely outdated and did not reflect the dynamic and progressive association. When they engaged with us, our first step was to uncover what makes their association unique. After multiple meetings and a review of their strategic plan, we had a good grasp on the value of MNCAR. Next up, we needed to define their audience. Having a clear vision of the type of person we are appealing to is key to creating an applicable and engaging logo or icon. Armed with this information, we created a simple Brand Brief for all MNCAR Brand Elements and communications, including the logo. A recent remodel of the association offices offered further inspiration for the clean, modern design and color palette. Upon completion of both the new identity and the website, MNCAR planned a launch event to unveil the changes to the members. We helped create the pre-and post-event activities as well as the event day schedule. We also added touches of the new identity through signage, an awards program and a power point presentation. 


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