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Shamrock Wealth Management

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Partnership begins with trust

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Project Overview

Ardis Black, JD and Will Berigan, CFP®️ recently joined forces as Shamrock Wealth Management. Although Ardis focuses on working with the older population and Will brings expertise in divorce planning, they both approach their work with the same compassionate and caring attitude. Unlike large firms or online advisors, they develop authentic multi-generational relationships through high touch concierge service. Nothing brings more joy to the entire Shamrock team than helping someone achieve something they didn’t think was possible.

With this approach in place, the Shamrock team needed an identity to represent this newly formed financial planing provider. After some initial discovery, Mercury worked towards developing a logo and icon that feels approachable and timeless. The final logo utilizes strong, understated colors paired with an icon that features the integration of an “S” within the three-leaf clover. With the brand work in place Shamrock was now poised to continue providing tailored financial services that empower clients to make informed life decisions with their money.

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Showcasing Values and Compassion

The next step in solidifying the Shamrock brand was to create a website that would act as a clear platform for Ardis and Will to convey their very nuanced and caring approach to wealth management and financial planning. Mercury was able to take a very straightforward approach in structuring a site that appeals to the emotional side of the user through compassionate language and imagery.

In the interest of not overwhelming users who may be going through potentially difficult financial situations, focus was placed on reducing the number of overall pages and technical language. This allowed the personality of Shamrock to shine through in clarity around their approach and services.


"You have helped us get to the core of what we do, who we are, and what we offer. I truly feel that individuals visiting the new site will get a good feeling of whether all of that matches what they want and need."

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