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How EOS Changed My Company

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Mercury Creative Group Founder, Justin Bieganek, shares his insights on how implementing EOS has changed the company:

Jumping Into EOS®

At the end of 2018, I made a decision and took the initial steps to integrate EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) into my company, Mercury Creative Group. Just a few years ago, we underwent a full rebrand and name change and I felt the timing was right to adopt a system that would bring additional alignment, structure and growth. We chose EOS as it provides a framework, methodologies and simple tools that clarify a company’s vision, help it gain traction and become a healthier team in the process.

Six Months In

To begin this journey, I hired an EOS Integrator on a fractional basis to help implement the system. Our official kick-off occurred in January and it hasn’t been easy, in fact, it’s been downright painful at times. But, above all, it has been beneficial. My team and I have learned and grown a lot in the past six months and that growth is reflected in the work that we do every day.

Sharing The Experience

Almost since the day I became an entrepreneur, I have sought the insights, good and bad, of other business owners and leaders to offer and to gain knowledge about running a vibrant and successful company. Those that I connect best with all share one common characteristic – the desire to evolve and grow their organization. To this day, my most important business decisions have been influenced by these interactions. And through these interactions, we have learned valuable insights that we, in turn, share with our clients to bring clarity and alignment to their brand and drive awareness and growth.

Recently, I was invited to share my experience of the first three months of implementing EOS in a more formal setting. My fellow panelists and I shared insights on EOS from the implementor, integrator and visionary (that’s me!) perspectives. The St. Paul Club E hosted the event and posted the discussion on YouTube. Warning: the linked video is about 40 minutes, but jump to 6:50 to hear about my learnings… and 27:35 to hear what didn’t go so well… and 28:22 to hear how much a visionary I really am because I forgot what the question was the moderator asked me!

Let’s Connect – Business Leader To Business Leader

I welcome the chance to grab a coffee and learn about what business challenges you are currently experiencing. I would also be happy to share more about EOS.

Message me directly if you would like to connect!

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