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They Came, They Cut, They Conquered: The Cut the Clutter Workshop

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Cut the Clutter Workshop Attendees Find Value in Two-Hour Workshop

On March 13, a small group of talented professionals gathered to learn how to Cut the Clutter and streamline their communications. What began as a learning opportunity quickly morphed into a sharing one. As attendees worked through the process of evaluating the communications they currently utilize in the marketplace, many turned to their neighbors for opinions and past experiences.

The energy in the room was powerful. In addition to the connections happening, actual cuts and consolidations to communications were made. And the cutting continued after class…

Here’s what one participant had to say:

“Mercury’s Cut the Clutter workshop was one of the most valuable sessions I’ve attended in a long time. In a very short time, using Mercury’s techniques, I was able to do three things:
  1. Quickly identify a mismatch in my communications efforts
  2. Create a solution that restructured my Member Update to be more reader-friendly
  3. Produce an outcome that strengthened my brand
As a busy executive, this small investment saved me a lot of time and energy in upgrading my communications with fantastic results!”
-Stephanie Menning
Executive Director, Minnesota Utility Contractors Association

Ready to wrangle your communications? Schedule a private Cut the Clutter Workshop for your organization. 

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