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Five Ways to Get Lucky In Business

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This month a wee bit of the Irish comes out in many of us, and we like to think an extra bit of luck is floating in the air. Those with a more pragmatic view tend to share Bruce Springsteen’s sentiment – “When it comes to luck, you make your own.” This ten-year study agrees with Bruce. Check out what we think are the best ways to get lucky (in business).

1. Show up

Opportunity doesn’t usually just come knocking, you need to go out and find it. Networking online and in-person increases the chances that you will encounter opportunities. Join an association and attend industry functions. Staying in touch with a large group of family, friends and acquaintances can also bring unexpected breaks.

2. Be present

Showing up isn’t quite enough. Engage people. Ask questions and really listen to the answers. Use great eye contact. Relax. When you are uptight and your mind is elsewhere, you may very well miss an opportunity that is right in front of you. Possibly even turn off your phone. Gasp!

3. Be ready

You can do all the showing up and being present you want, but getting new business isn’t enough to guarantee success. You need to be ready to the answer the door when opportunity knocks. In other words, be ready to handle the new business that comes your way.

4. Be open

Watch your language! Your body language that is. Research has revealed that lucky people have the ability to draw people to them through the use of friendly body language and facial expressions. In a recent study, the lucky people smiled twice as often and engaged in far more eye contact than the people who considered themselves unlucky. Lucky people also tended to have three times as much “open” body language as unlucky people.

5. Help them to help you

Try generosity. Instead of focusing on what you can get out of a new relationship, see how you can help the other person instead. Helping five people has the potential to attract more opportunities than trying to extract favors from five new contacts. Embrace generosity!

Following these practical tips is sure to bring some extra luck your way.

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