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Shift Out of Reactive Mode

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Many of us have been stuck in reactive mode. With social distancing, we have had to learn how to work from home (for those of us lucky enough to not be laid off), school from home, and peacefully coexist with our families. We were left with no choice but to work through those unexpected challenges. Now that the dust has somewhat settled, it’s time to move your mindset from reactive to proactive.

Adapting is Key

As you figure out how to navigate your business challenges, keep an open mind. Look at your core services, how can you adapt your offerings? What is something new you can provide, or what current problem can you solve?

Our friends at Italian Eatery in South Minneapolis are doing a great job of pivoting and problem-solving. Like many other small, local restaurants, they recently had to furlough 80 of their hardworking employees. Italian Eatery continues to provide food through curbside pick-up which isn’t all that unique. But what is unique is that they designed “Pasta Unites” apparel for purchase online. The purpose is two-fold. Firstly, all proceeds will go to the out-of-work staff. Secondly, when the restaurant reopens, anyone that comes in wearing the shirt or hoodie gets one complimentary pasta.

Italian Eatery is not only helping to solve a financial problem from their employees, but they are positioning themselves to welcome patrons back with open arms (and free pasta!). They are taking action, building hope and providing help. The side effect of which is building brand awareness and loyalty.

Push Play, Not Pause

On hold. Sound familiar? We’re hearing those two words now more than ever. Imagine what could be accomplished if everyone just stopped saying them. Of course, we all need to continue following safety and wellness guidelines, but we can (and should) continue to move forward.  Pushing play on planned projects allows you to take back some of the control that you recently lost.

If you had plans to launch a new website, revamp your communications, or up your social media game, don’t wait. Anything you can do now will prepare you to rocket out of this on the other side.

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