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Merging Associations, Building Futures: The Success Story of BLD Connection

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BLD Connection

Organizations face a pivotal moment of growth and opportunity as they consider merging with another association. It is more than just a merging of two entities; it is a redefinition of purpose and reshaping of their own identity within their industry. It is an opportunity to craft a new identity that will resonate with current and future members. 

Our recent work with the Northwestern Lumber Association (NLA) showcased those opportunities as they merged with another regional association. They needed a new name to reflect both a nod to the past and a step into a future characterized by growth and connectivity. This collaborative effort with Mercury Creative Group was not just a rebranding exercise, but a strategic move to redefine and realign the organization.

Rebranding Goals

Most organizations we work with express the desire to better define their organization and BLD Connection was no exception. They needed to encapsulate the essence of the merged entities, highlighting their role in the building material and lumber industry. 

Amidst organizational change, it is imperative to maintain trust and loyalty among existing members. It’s also important to grow your organization. The new brand has to be appealing and robust enough to attract new members, expanding influence and community.

Let the Transformation Begin

Our process, The Mercury Method™, begins with intensive discovery sessions, involving workshops with staff, board members, and stakeholders. For this client, we delved deep into understanding the unique challenges and needs of retail lumber yard owners and managers, the primary members of the organization.

The new name, BLD Connection, emerged from a collaborative effort spearheaded by Mercury Creative Group. It stands for Building Material and Lumber Dealers, encapsulating the core of the organization. More than that, it also serves as a call to action: to build connections.

The name BLD Connection resonated so strongly with the board members of both the Northwestern Lumber Association and the Mid-America Lumbermen’s Association that it was chosen unanimously. It symbolized a united future and a shared vision. This functional name highlights the organization’s value of fostering networks and providing resources and support to its members.


Left to Right: Previous NLA website and cuurrent BLD Connection website
Left to Right: Previous NLA website + current BLD Connection website

The Comprehensive Rebrand Launch

Mercury Creative Group and BLD Connection embarked on an extensive brand launch, aiming to elevate the industry and pride of their members. They focused on unique approaches, such as membership boxes tailored for their members, each including a postcard explaining the comprehensive rebrand and name change plus branded gifts and membership plaques celebrating the new BLD logo. This initiative aimed to connect members to the BLD community and highlight the value of the rebrand, reinforcing the message across all platforms. 

The launch also included operational efficiencies to streamline communication with an updated website platform and content, a newly designed tradeshow booth, and the existing magazine, Connection, underwent a rebrand to become BLD Connection Magazine. 

Get Ready for Impact

BLD Connection not only gained buy-in from its members but also inspired a renewed sense of connection and purpose. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the successful rebranding efforts and the pride and excitement for the organization, as well as the sense of leveling up and writing a new chapter.

The story of this merger is a powerful example of how strategic branding, including brand strategy, strategic planning, and brand rollout, can effectively navigate the complexities of organizational change. It underscores the importance of a brand that resonates with its audience, aligning an organization’s essential value with its identity. The ongoing nature of this work, especially with a large organization, is important. Each step of this project paid special attention to communication for every audience from the inside out creating a foundation of champions to ensure continued uptake and success!

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