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Our Rebrand Story: From Beganik to Mercury Creative Group

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Our Situation

The Company was founded in 1998 by Justin M. Bieganek. At that time, Justin had relatives that were also business owners who claimed Bummer. Justin’s solution was to switch up a few letters and Beganik Strategy + Design was born.

Although this name has carried us this far, we still spend too much time and energy helping people pronounce it, and spell it, and explain why Justin’s last name doesn’t match the company name. Enough of that. We would much rather be doing what we love – developing strategic communication solutions to help our clients influence their audiences.

Our Solution

We began our naming work. We had tons of discussions about who we are and what we bring to the marketplace. During one such discussion,

Once we had Mercury, adding Creative Group was a much simpler decision. It speaks to what we truly are. A group of cross-disciplinary creative professionals with the knowledge and experience to think strategically and execute smartly.

Introducing Mercury Creative Group

Next step, logo design. Our new design is a nod to the winged helmet that allowed Mercury to swiftly deliver his messages. We have a serious side that comes out when we strategize, so the selected color palette uses an ultra dark gray and metallic cooper to convey strength and sophistication. We also have a seriously fun side – that’s where the pop of bright blue comes in.

The Launch

To celebrate our new chapter, we kicked off our hot new identity at the new CHS Field and we’re excited to officially move forward with our new brand.

View images from the event here.