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Mercury Founder, Justin Bieganek, Honored with 2015 Diversity in Business Award

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We don’t typically toot our own horns, but today we’re making an exception. Toot! Toot! We are beyond thrilled with the honor that our head honcho, Justin Bieganek, recently received from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal – the 2015 Diversity in Business Award. His dedication to building a successful business pales in comparison to his desire to help others find their success. Whether he is creating a strategic communications roadmap for a client, giving an employee access to ongoing training, or counseling a friend on fitness and nutrition; his ability to guide change is fierce.

The Diversity in Business awards recognize some of the Twin Cities leading business leaders from the GLBT and ethnic minority communities and we couldn’t agree more with their decision to honor Justin this year. Way to go Bieganek or as pronounced at the event – Bee ja nay!

Congratulations to the other honorees and a big shout out to the friends and colleagues that joined Justin for the big night!

View Justin’s story here and see photos from the fun awards event here.

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