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Bringing Handwritten Back

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When is the last time you received a handwritten note delivered via the US Postal Service? (Birthdays don’t count!) If you’re like me, you’re probably having a tough time remembering. The handwritten note has experienced a marked decline since the advent of email, texting and social media. As a lover of letters, this saddens me. Therefore, I’m giving you five reasons to implement handwritten notes into your daily life.

1) Get Noticed

Because we rarely receive anything other than bills and advertisements in our mailbox, there is something almost magical about receiving a piece of mail that is purely personal.

2) Infuse Messages with Sincerity

Because of the extra time, energy and effort required to compose a handwritten message; recipients attach a higher level of sincerity to your message than if they had received it via email or some other form of electronic communication.

3) Closer Relationships

When it comes to relationship-building, there is no greater commodity than time. Whether a personal or business relationship, taking the time to craft a personal note shows someone that they are important to you. In today’s climate of fast, fast, fast; slowing down can have a big impact.

4) Reach the Unreachable

Trying to reach a high level executive at XYZ Corporation? Tried email? How about LinkedIn In Messages? No luck. Your answer may be as simple as a quick note. Nice stationery in their inbox (yes, their physical inbox) will get noticed and opened. Try it.

5) Send a Feeling

Don’t let the fear of not saying exactly the right thing stop you from writing. The fact is, someone may not remember exactly what your note said – but they will absolutely remember the feeling it created. Go put some happiness in the mailbox right now!

It Really Works!

At Mercury Creative Group, we just experienced the power of the handwritten note. Upon completion of our recent company rebrand, we decided to throw a party to unveil the new identity. We created snazzy invites with all the details of the big night. Then, we did something out of the ordinary. We wrote personalized, handwritten messages on nearly every invitation. Results? Our party was so packed, we had to keep ordering more food! More than one attendee stated that they made an extra effort to attend our event solely based on the handwritten aspect of the invitation.

Beyond the Note

Handwritten notes are not the only old school courtesy that has fallen by the wayside. Check out this video presentation by our founder, Justin M. Bieganek, which covers The Five Business Lessons His Mother Taught Him. It’s a great reminder of the importance of relationships in the world of business.

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