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How to Capture a Professional Headshot with Your Mobile Phone

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During the quarantine, we’ve all done things that you think to yourself “Hmm, I’ve never done that before.” Taking a fresh (and professional?) headshot on your phone might be one of those things. We’ve helped several clients with this process and thought it might be helpful for more than just our clients. If you are looking for a way to capture a new headshot but don’t have a photographer available- check out our step-by-step directions below.

This how-to video is great at walking you through how to capture a great headshot with your phone.

We also wanted to give you some things we think are important to keep in mind:
  • Be sure to have good lighting on your face – facing a window works well.
  • Finding a solid color wall or simple background is best.
  • Wear a solid color shirt. If you have a shirt with your company logo on it that’s even better.
  • Use a vertical phone orientation.
  • Portrait mode on an iPhone is the best.
  • Have someone take the photo for you.
  • Keep some distance between you and the phone – we can always zoom in.
  • Think about something that makes you laugh – start laughing and then stop and smile!
  • Try sitting and standing, you might find you are more comfortable one way or another.
  • Take a lot of pictures – like 10+ and find the one that you love best.

Our newest staff member tried this at home. With help from her 8-year-old and then her window sill (haha). She managed to get a pretty good selection.