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3 Signs You Need a Rebrand

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From time to time, leaders may wonder, 
• “Does our brand still represent our organization?”
• “Does our brand speak to the audience that we serve the best?”
• “Does our brand position us to move into the future?” 

In fact, most leaders will eventually ask themselves, “do we need a rebrand?”. Deciding whether or not it is time for a rebrand can feel overwhelming. Let’s explore some of the reasons to consider taking that step.

1. Your brand has become outdated

Your brand represents your organization, literally and figuratively. And, just as your business evolves over time, your brand must evolve with it. Your brand may need an update for a variety of reasons. If your brand name was once based on a location, a special service or a family name that is no longer associated with your organization, you may have outgrown the brand elements that made you successful so far. 

Perhaps your brand is technically accurate but no longer carries a strong enough connection to the work you do now, the focus you have, or the team that represents you. Maybe you’ve had turnover in a major leadership role, a new branch of the organization has grown, or you’ve acquired or merged with another organization that is taking you in a new direction. If your brand no longer represents the organization, it’s time for a rebrand.  

2. Your brand isn’t getting the attention of your ideal audience

Ideally, your brand should attract clients and talent, and expand your opportunity for growth. It needs to work alongside you to achieve the objectives of your organization and have the flexibility to be applied smoothly across the many formats and channels that exist today. 

In addition to being accurate and well-positioned for the future of your organization, your brand should feel like it represents the very best you have to offer. A strong brand should tell a flattering and honest story that reaches the right people for your organization at the right time. If your brand is not positioned to attract the best-matched and most promising audiences and opportunities, it’s time for a rebrand. 

3. Your brand isn’t positioned for the future

As you look to the future, is your brand ready to grow with you? Perhaps your brand is too general, too specific, or too complicated. Perhaps your brand was built around an individual, and now it needs to encompass a team. Or maybe you’re narrowing your scope, and the brand you have today won’t be appropriate. Perhaps your brand no longer sets you apart from the competition, or it carries negative implications that are limiting in some way. 

• Do you feel proud of your brand today and certain that it can carry you forward? 
• Does it need to adapt or evolve to meet an ever-changing world? 
• When you point people to your website or share your materials, do the images and messages feel current, relevant and distinguishing? 
• Will your brand help you achieve your long-term strategic plan? 

If your brand, as it is today, will not move your organization forward effectively from this point, it’s time for a rebrand. 

It’s Time for a Rebrand

Now you have a framework to help you decide if the time for a rebrand has arrived. Imagine having a brand that fully represents your organization, your team, and your approach. Imagine getting the attention of your ideal audience with key messages and visual assets that you’re proud to show off. Imagine having a brand that can grow with you and support your vision for success. 

Deciding to rebrand is a big decision, but the outcome is extraordinary.

Mercury Creative Group has partnered with organizations on many successful rebrands. We begin each rebrand project with strategy first, which helps us discover your essential value. We dig in and get really clear on who you are, why you exist and what sets you apart from your competitors. Our brand strategists and project directors will guide you through discovery and insights gathering. Our immersive process connects leaders, stakeholders and employees to their brand and your brand to its ideal audiences. The process starts here.

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Are you ready to get clear on your brand and unify your team?

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