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Implement + Evaluate

Once we have reviewed recommendations for refreshing your brand elements our partnership continues with the addition of our creative team. Design and production of your brand identity, website, content, marketing and promotional materials take place in this phase.
Mercury Method Soar


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On-Brand Coaching Sessions

Following the implementation of your brand launch our relationship turns to the future. Your brand strategist will facilitate monthly coaching sessions. This is ideal for members of your marketing team to have access to a brand strategist on an ongoing basis to build confidence and expertise as they champion your brand.


Working Sessions

Your brand strategist will lead the team in creating your on-going tactical marketing plan, help the team align the plan to business goals and train the team to evaluate marketing attribution, calculate lead value and create marketing reports for leadership to truly align business goals with marketing activity.

Final Deliverables

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On-going Monthly Marketing Calendar and Checklist:

Six-Month Review, Recommendations and Written Summary


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Starting at $2,000/month


6-12 month contracts available

Cheri Quinn
What might happen if you don’t take this step? Let’s talk about your goals and how to track success, how to bring your brand to life and how to engage your ideal audience. What does success look like? Let’s share some ideas.

Soar is the third phase of the Mercury Method™. When you have a solid brand strategy and your brand elements are ready to go it’s time to launch your refreshed brand and track your success. Still working on fresh, new design? Go back to Take Flight to see how the Mercury Method™ can help you get there.

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