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Use Insights Gathering to Discover Valuable Information

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Your brand is not what you say it is. Instead, it’s what your clients, members, and colleagues tell their besties your brand is. So why not ask them?

We gather insights from clients, members, and key stakeholders who have engaged with and experienced your brand. These conversations are a goldmine because stakeholders won’t always tell you the things that they will share with us.

Mercury is a trusted outside connection that draws out deeper conversations.  This reveals your true brand essence and character. It informs how to improve processes or services your organization is providing. Sometimes, it brings out ideas for new products or services that are needed.

Watch this four-minute video to learn how these valuable insights create conversations with your internal team about areas of your organization that you may have never thought about.

Need a trusted partner to help gather insights? We’re here to help.

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Video Transcript
Cheri: Insights gathering is one of those things that’s one of my favorite parts of the discovery process. And what it is, is getting into the meat of something. I do the interviewing part of that process. And I have a few questions to help guide the conversations. But ultimately, I’m asking the hard questions “for a friend”, if you will. So all of the information that you wanted to know from your clients, from your members, from those people that you want to be your client or member. I get to ask those questions and find out what they find value in. And the conversation kind of goes from there. They tend to be very candid and honest conversations. And I feel like I’m making these little 15 to 20-minute intense friendships and then reporting back to our clients some really rich and valuable information.
Justin: So we not only talk to the client’s clients, but we also talk to clients that have maybe left recently or members who are no longer with the organization. As well as where in the buying cycle they might not have closed a deal. Because they also bring us really rich information on what was the barrier. Why did they not continue with the sale? Why did not join to become a member? Talk to us a little bit about the value there and how those insights can open up gaps that we know and how to find opportunities for our clients.
Cheri: Sure. Of course, the opposite question is always a valuable question, too. Why did you do something? Why are you pleased with your experience? Is just as valuable if you ask, Why weren’t you or why didn’t you choose something? So those things just help relate to, as Justin said, identifying gaps and opportunities. If there’s something even organizationally that is able to come out in those conversations, it’s always something we pass along to the client as well. Whether it’s brand related or not.
Justin: There’s a value add in these conversations that we have with our clients that they don’t get to spend this kind of time as a group together, really thinking and talking about their business, their organization. And we kind of bring up some pain points that aren’t really brand related. They’re more operations related. But we let those conversations happen because that time together helps them solve or put something in the garage or come back to it at a later date that’s really going to help move the organization as well. So the brand work that we do opens up so many doors and just conversations to other challenges, which are really opportunities for growth.

Cheri: Insights are just that. It’s insight that you maybe didn’t have before. I promise you, I could sit down with anybody and think of a thousand questions to ask them. But when I’m able to do it in terms of what a company’s brand looks like, it’s another place where we hold tension. So creating that Insights Report, sometimes the messages aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes they are hard messages to relay back to our clients, and we do that with open hearts and open minds in a positive and supportive way and really approach it as opportunities for them.

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