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How You Know Your Rebrand Is Successful

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A successful rebrand brings clarity to your organization’s purpose and brand from the inside out. It brings your team together and aligns them with your unique value. Successful rebrands empower team members with the words and confidence to speak consistently about your organization and connect with your audience in a memorable way.

A successful rebrand is a transformational experience. When executed correctly and launched successfully, it will elevate your organization and make you money. Yes, make you money. It saves you money too. But the real value is a more engaged team, clients and members who are your biggest fans, and an organization that is growing. 

Watch this short video and learn what a successful rebrand can provide: 

Do you know the value of your brand?
Can you and your team articulate your value simply and clearly?

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Video Transcript

Justin: Hey! We’re from Mercury Creative Group, and we’re here to talk about our Mercury Method.

Cheri: These Mercury Messages are a little bit about what we do, how we do it, and who we do it for.

Justin: Enjoy!

Cheri: So, Justin, over these 20 years in business and working with clients, how do clients know that their rebrand was successful?

Justin: In so many different ways. What we bring are clarity and alignment. And the big thing is unity and confidence. Their team is together, their board is together. They’re re-engaged, they’re excited. They’re talking consistently. Their communications are consistent. There’s just new life in the organization. So they are transformed. They’re renewed, and that just flows outward from the organization. So they’ve grown.

Cheri: I oftentimes will say – I come from a background in corporate finance marketing – and I pay attention to the numbers. There’s marketing activity, and marketers will say, the only reason to ever do marketing activity is because it builds your brand or it makes you money.

Well, here’s the secret. Building your brand ultimately makes you money. And it’s a matter of finding really, what are you tracking? What kind of metrics are you looking at along the way so that you can make the appropriate adjustments and really drive to whatever the success is of that brand?

Justin: A strong brand is a catalyst to growth, and my expertise lies in a lot of associations or member-based organizations and then professional services. And when your board members are talking about your ideal member, they are expressing the brand, in their words, successfully. You’ve got staff that’s excited. You’ve got membership that doesn’t necessarily have to be growing, but is more engaged. You’re going to hear those conversations, you’re going to hear those messages, and you know that that’s working. So those are some of the sorts of intangible things that are also measures of success.

Cheri: There’s also this idea of, how does your brand strategy help you manage expenses? And that can be a metric on its own, where maybe it’s not specifically revenue-generating activity, but it’s revenue-saving activity. Things like really knowing and having those guardrails to help you know if any given activity is something that you should keep doing or stop doing because it doesn’t speak to your ideal audience.

Justin: I love seeing clients’ eyes light up when we say, “We’re going to help you determine what not to do anymore.” Because this brand guide, the work that we do, helps them think differently about what they’re doing and what they can stop doing, to be able to spend more time with their clients, with their members, with their staff, to help them grow or help make them better. And in doing so, making their organization way better.

Cheri: So that idea of really knowing what you do and how you add value to your organization, whether it is a corporation or whether it is an association, is important and has value and is important to know. And that idea about clarity and alignment really comes through with a rebrand and to help them feel successful.

For one of our recent corporate clients, that’s exactly the feedback that we got. Is, “You helped me understand how I add value to my organization and did that through, ‘We know what we do now. Everyone in our organization is able to articulate that clearly, and everyone knows who we’re doing it for.’” And that was one of those measures of success that came through.

Justin: Winning.

Justin: We just shared a lot about our process, The Mercury Method. And we want to get to know you, your organization, and how we can bring your brand to life.

Cheri: You’re the most important part of our process, and we’d love to collaborate!

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