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Have Marketing Challenges? Look At Your Brand First

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Let’s talk about your organization’s marketing pain points- we all have them! Our team of branding experts weighed in on the most common frustrations they hear from clients and how we help solve them.

Q: What marketing pain points are you hearing the most about right now? How does working on your brand provide relief?

Justin, Creative Director + Founder 

A: “We hear that their brand identity is tired and no longer relevant. Messaging and visuals are all over the place and inconsistent. Leadership has changed, and they want to rebrand and rethink their organization, the comprehensive brand work we do, the client gains clarity in what their brand stands for. We redefine the true purpose of the organization. We create alignment internally with leadership and staff on their brand story so everyone is speaking consistently. With these core brand elements in place, we then create an inside-out launch plan and rebuild their communications, events, and sometimes their service offerings.”

Cheri, Brand Strategist

A: “Clients are experiencing a major change or anticipating a major change within the next couple of years. Many times this is a change in leadership for the organization: the business founder is retiring, the executive director is nearing the end of their term, or the business acquired another business, etc.

Sometimes it is a decline in market share due to the loss of a large client or a steady decrease in sales year over year. It may also be that the client is losing out on bids – the “old way” of presenting their value is no longer working.

The marketing director is overwhelmed and unsure how to effectively communicate the change that’s happening. Plus, marketing is getting blamed for the decline in sales and feels responsible for tying marketing efforts to results, but the director isn’t sure how to align these things.

We apply the Mercury Method to comprehensive brand work that results in a Brand Strategy Guide that gives our clients a foundation of consistent brand messages so they can highlight their essential value and differentiator.

Every Brand Guide we produce is unique to the client organization and gets the entire team speaking with consistency about who they are, what they do best and who they serve. Once the internal team has a clear and simple way to describe their organization all of their sales and marketing messages and activities are developed to help their clients, members, prospects and communities self identify that this is the right organization to meet their needs.

The Mercury Method gives organizations the tools to turn their outdated, inconsistent and sometimes confusing marketing into an approach that helps them reach their ideal buyer (and their ideal buyer reach them) more efficiently and effectively.”

Emily, Client Services Manager

A: “Marketing hasn’t ever been simple or easy, but today marketing is even more complex than it’s ever been! No company has unlimited time and resources. So the challenge is, with our limited budget what should we do first?

Many organizations want to jump into tactics – a new website, social media advertising, etc. This is not a bad approach if you are aligned on who you are and why you exist but many organizations think they know, but in fact, need clarity on this.

Finally, if you don’t know who (very specifically) your ideal buyer is the tactics you put together won’t work! The opportunities are navigating the complexities of marketing and putting in the hard brand work before jumping into tactics.

When we take our clients through our Mercury Method, we start with our Brand Discovery work. Through that process, everyone gains clarity and alignment.

The joy of walking with our clients through this process and providing them with a Brand Guide that outlines their Ideal Buyer, Essential Value, and Value Proposition is a great starting point. This gives everyone a very clear direction. Not only does it help the marketing team, but it also helps ALL team members speak the same language.

Spend the time and money to do this hard work. It pays off in the long run!”

Did these responses resonate with you? If so, our branding experts would love to connect with you to see how we can start easing your organization’s pain. 

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