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3 Simple Secrets Successful Marketing Directors Know That Help Them Avoid Messy Messaging

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Consistency is key to keeping your communications on-brand. Consistent messaging provides efficiency for your team and builds trust for your audience. When you have a consistent message, you provide a consistent experience that leads to consistent results. Below are three secrets. These are really simple checkpoints that successful marketing directors use to ensure they don’t get caught in the traps that can start making brand messages feel inconsistent and disconnected.

Secret #1 – Deliver messaging inside-out

The most effective way to drive consistency for your brand is to get your team on-brand first. Key messages come from the top down in an organization and should have practical application for every person. When every role in your organization is talking about your brand the same way it eliminates confusion when you start implementing external marketing tactics.

Consider this:

  • Have you put your key messages in writing?
  • Do all roles within your organization have examples of how to share your essential value?

Secret #2 – Don’t fall for “shiny object” marketing

Your audience thinks about you way less than you think about yourself. When you and your internal team start to get tired of hearing the same thing over and over, your audience is just starting to pick up on it. Don’t fall for “shiny object marketing” tactics. When you have defined your key message and it is based on your essential value, stick with it.

As marketing director, you are constantly approached with new ideas, sponsorship proposals and exciting event options. These tactics might align with your message – but they might not. Put your elbows out and stand your ground.  Only when you hear your clients repeat your brand message by heart is it time to introduce new tactics and evolve your message. Depending on the size and reach of your organization this process could take 6 months to a year, or more.

Consider this:

  • Have you given your brand launch and marketing campaigns enough time and attention?
  • Do you have checkpoints in place to know how your brand message is being received by your clients?

Secret #3 – Add more touchpoints instead of new activity

When considering your mix of marketing tactics, whether they be for brand launch, a rebrand of your messaging or your annual marketing plan be sure to consider multiple channels. For example, the invitations for your live event can appear in social media posts and follow-up activities can include phone calls, mailed thank you cards and photos posted to your website. Your monthly webinars can feature joint venture partners to leverage their client list for invitations. Then use the recording for future blog posts.

Considering multi-channel touchpoints surrounding each activity saves time for your team and allows for broader reach and deeper impact of your message.

Consider this:

  • Do all of your marketing touchpoints convey your brand image and key message?
  • Does each of your marketing activities link to at least one other tactic?

Mercury is the messenger of the gods and at Mercury Creative Group we have messaging in our blood. If you’re looking for ways to clarify and communicate the value of your organization from the inside out, The Mercury Method does just that.

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