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3 Simple Secrets Successful Marketing Directors Know That Help Them Avoid Messy Messaging

Consistency is key in keeping your communications on-brand. Consistent messaging provides efficiency for your team and builds trust for your audience. When you have a consistent message, you provide a consistent experience that leads to consistent results. Here are three simple checkpoints that successful marketing directors use to ensure they don’t get caught in the traps that can start making brand messages feel inconsistent and disconnected.

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Rochester Moves Forward Together

The third-largest city in Minnesota, Rochester, was suffering from multiple brand personalities. Although the 15 departments worked in concert to efficiently manage the large, complex City, the visual identities were inconsistent and, therefore, confusing to their organization and the community.

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Project Focus: Electrical Association Rebrand

The Electrical Association, formerly Minnesota Electrical Association, has been proudly supporting electrical contractors for over 90 years. As times have changed, so have the products and services that they extend to their members. To continue evolving, they realized it was time to reconnect to their brand and create a fresh and relevant identity that is a better reflection of their dynamic, energized, and connected association.

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Our Rebrand Story: From Beganik to Mercury Creative Group

We learned that Bieganek is Polish for messenger. Seriously. Justin’s ancestors literally ran messages from village to village. Talk about a connection. Then, inspiration struck. Mercury is the messenger of the gods, we are the messengers for some really awesome clients and their brands, and our talented founder has messaging in his blood.

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