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Create a website experience that attracts your ideal audience and helps them self identify. "This is an organization I want to be a part of".

A successful website is desirable for users, profitable for the organization, and feasible with the technology platforms available.

Accomplishing that experience requires alignment of your customer goals, but also meets your business needs, as well as doable within the technology platforms we choose. In other words, a successful website is desirable for users, profitable for the organization, and feasible with the technology platforms.


Deep discovery and detailed documentation are the keys to success. 

Every business has its own specific needs. Our team is equipped to work with various platforms. Our discovery time is crucial to exploring both the business requirements and look/feel aspects to your future website… This allows both teams to dig in and set up the blueprint for a successful project.

Our Website Process using the Mercury Method

Applying the Mercury Method to our website process sets the project up for success. We begin each project with strategy first, then move into design and development. Our design team as well as our development team move the project from ideation to completion.

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Spread Your Wings

We begin each website project with strategy first. Our digital strategists and website development team will guide you through discovery and insights gathering that will uncover the final blueprint for your website.

After this crucial discovery phase, we will provide the following:

  • Sitemap
  • User Flow Charts + High Fidelity Wireframes
  • Content Strategy + Work Plan
  • Technology Stack Analysis
  • Compatibility + Support Analysis
  • Accessibility Analysis
  • Compliance Analysis
  • Current System Architecture
  • Hosting Recommendation
  • Platform Recommendation
  • Wireframes + Final Recommendation
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Take Flight

Once we have reviewed the recommendations and approved a work plan from Spread Your Wings, our partnership continues with the addition of our production team. Design and development of your website begins in this phase called Take Flight. This is when design begins and the rubber hits the road with our developers to produce a responsive website with the final determined functionality needs, within the current desired platform, according to budget and timeline. 

Take Flight includes; Design + Content Development, Website Build, Website Development, Launch!

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Website Design that brings the brand and user together

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M. A. Mortenson Company

Attracting companies passionate about delivering the future of healthcare together.
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Mathiowetz Construction

Family-owned construction company navigates changes in leadership, ownership, and key messaging.
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City of Rochester Minnesota

Clarity and unity are key, especially when you have 900+ employees and 15 diverse departments.
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Costs: All of our website projects start with a mandatory Discovery Phase. Together we will work together to finalize the details in this phase and create an accurate, more specific, cost structure for the design and development phases.

Website Project approximate costs starting at: 

Discovery + Blueprinting: $6,000

Design, Copy Creation, Development: $26,000 +

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The Work

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