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Schwan Financial Group

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The SFG team has the confidence and key messages to provide a consistent client experience.

Mercury helped capture a founder’s unique approach with thoughtful design and simplified messaging to help team members speak the same language.

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Project Overview

John Schwan is the president and CEO of SFG. He is a dynamic leader with a strong personal brand and a unique approach to serving clients. As the company has grown, the leadership team recognized that not all team members used the same language and approach that is second-nature to John. The leadership team wanted to capture the magic of their founder’s expertise to ensure a consistent experience for all clients. 
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Client Goals

  • Document John’s process and pass it on to the team in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Define ideal audiences and the best ways to communicate with them.
  • Refresh the brand’s visual identity through a new logo and website 
  • Develop a comprehensive communication plan and design pieces that help to clearly communicate the company’s key processes and deliverables both internally and externally.
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Project Focus

The Mercury Team brought the SFG team together and started with discovery. What we discovered is that advisors were using many words and phrases when working with clients. All of them were correct but inconsistent, and they didn’t always apply the “Ideal Master Planning” experience that John Schwan developed. This is the essential value that SFG provides and we wanted to highlight it for all team members, clients and prospective clients.  Once we had the essential value identified we moved into the design phase of work. We helped collect and organize John Schwan’s unique method and created key messages. Then we applied thoughtful design to create elements that brought a refreshed look and feel to the brand.
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SFG now has tools and language for their team to drive growth and client service through their founder’s proven method. And, an easy to navigate website that brings their approach to prospective clients and out into their community.