A brand strategy + design firm

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Helping brands engage and connect with their desired audience.

Strategy First. Design Second.

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The Work

We’ve helped great organizations reach new heights.

“You are in my corner pulling for me and our brand.”

– Candace (Senior Director, Marketing)

“Your team is awesome to work with. Each is personable, sharp, creative and they get things done!”

– Evan (CEO)

The Work

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Featured Rebrands


Now we know what makes us different and how to tell others.

City of Rochester Minnesota

Clarity and unity are key, especially when you have 15 diverse departments.

Associations North

Connecting an industry leader to its members.

Associated General
Contractors of Minnesota

Crafting a new brand: 100 years in the making



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Harness the power of your brand to drive organizational growth.

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The Magic of the
Mercury Method

Defining your essential value, designing your brand elements and building a measurable action plan equips you with the tools to take your organization to new heights.

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