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The Right Two Words Can Define Your Brand’s Value

A well-executed brand experience creates an emotional connection to an organization’s ideal audiences. Defining your essential value is a BIG part of building your brand guide, and it requires the ability to listen. When one or two words keep popping up in conversation, they are clues to defining your essential value.

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How to Decide if Your Organization Needs a New Name

Renaming your organization is a BIG deal. For over 20 years, Mercury has helped companies and associations take this brave step, and it’s never taken lightly. The process to choose a new name is usually part of an entire rebrand that involves time, energy and emotion.

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The Power of the Mercury Method

The Mercury Method helps leaders clarify and communicate the value of their organization so their team, clients, members, prospects, and communities can self-identify that they belong. Learn how in this video from our brand experts, Justin and Cheri.

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Growth Lives on the Edge of Uncomfortability

We anticipate and welcome the discomfort that comes with creating something new! And we help our clients hold tension in the process. Hear from our Founder, Justin, and Brand Strategist, Cheri, in this 4-minute video as they discuss the growth that happens when you get uncomfortable.

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Brand Impacts Recruitment Strategy

How Brand Strategy Impacts Recruiting

Strategically recruiting new employees or members is more important than ever. In today’s competitive job market, your messaging needs to cut through the noise in order to connect with your ideal audience. 

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3 Simple Secrets Successful Marketing Directors Know That Help Them Avoid Messy Messaging

Consistency is key in keeping your communications on-brand. Consistent messaging provides efficiency for your team and builds trust for your audience. When you have a consistent message, you provide a consistent experience that leads to consistent results. Here are three simple checkpoints that successful marketing directors use to ensure they don’t get caught in the traps that can start making brand messages feel inconsistent and disconnected.

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