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a warm welcome

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We are fun and focused.

jb about
When I founded this group in 1998 I used my last name, Bieganek, to launch my company. The name gave the company a great start but I spent a lot of time and energy helping people pronounce it and spell it. Sheesh. Enough of that. After all, we are in the business of clarity and alignment.  Then I learned that Bieganek is Polish for messenger. Seriously. My ancestors literally ran messages from village to village, providing connection, clarity and alignment. With this discovery, inspiration struck, Mercury is the messenger of the gods; we are the messengers for some really cool clients and their brands; and I have the power of connection in my blood. I am proud to have curated a team that truly enjoys being together. We all like to have fun and we are all focused on the success of the brands we build. Our projects are our passion and our clients are one of us. We collaborate, challenge each other, hold each other accountable and lift each other up.

Together we have created an immersive process for brand strategy and design. We work in collaboration with leadership teams to help gain clarity of their brand and alignment across their organization. This proven method (the Mercury Method) provides a framework and gives us confidence to produce exceptional results for each of our clients’ unique needs.

This group is more than connected.

Mercury Team

We are THE branding professionals that nurture community. This is our purpose, our manifesto. It is what we believe. It’s not just what we tell each other or what we tell our clients, it’s what we tell everyone. The word nurture is what brings this manifesto to life for me. We don’t simply create community; we care for and encourage the growth and development of our clients and ourselves. In an interview, Marty Neumeir talked about the equation of collaboration as 1 + 1 = 11. This equation is dear to me. We get energy from bringing our networks together to be part of something bigger than ourselves. I love being part of the team at Mercury Creative Group, helping businesses and associations define their value, design their brand and find community to help them be better so they are better together.

We promise to help leaders clarify and communicate the value of their organization so their audiences can truly belong. We invite you to be part of the Mercury community. Bring your brand challenges. Let’s collaborate!

We believe creating and nurturing community leads to meaningful change.

Justin Signature
Founder & Creative Director

Our team

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Justin Bieganek

Founder & Creative Director

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Emily Youngblood

Client Services Manager

Carl headshot upd min

Carl Sandusky

Senior Designer

Tania headshot upd min

Tania Hermann

Marketing Director

NicoleP headshot upd min

Nicole Prelgo

Brand Communications Specialist

Cheri headshot upd min

Cheri Quinn

Brand Strategist

Jodi headshot upd min

Jodi Trost

Senior Creative Project Manager

Nicole headshot upd min

Nicole Devereaux

Executive Operations Assistant

NicoleS headshot upd min

Nicole Sobania

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kaye headshot min

Kaye Alaba

Digital Project Manager

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Our trusted partner

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Jake Woodbridge

Founder & Director Woodbridge Productions

Proud members of

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strategy first.
design second.

The Mercury Method

Defining your essential value, designing your brand elements and building a measurable action plan equips you with the tools to take your organization to new heights.
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MCG Team meeting

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